• Makdous (aubergines farcies) Durra 600g
  • Makdous (aubergines farcies) Durra 600g

Makdous (stuffed eggplant) Durra 600g

6,79 €

(11,30 € /kilo)

Ingredients: eggplant, oil, walnut, garlic, salt

Small eggplants stuffed with chili paste, garlic and nuts marinated in vegetable oil.


The makdous (or makdouce) is a speciality of the Middle East, of Syria more precisely. It is said that it was invented by the Aleppo people. It is prepared from very small eggplants stuffed with a mixture of garlic, chilli paste and walnuts, all soaked in olive oil. The tangy, spicy taste and the flavour of the eggplant make this speciality an appetizing accompaniment par excellence to aperitifs or for morning or evening brunches.


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