• Assortment of dry biscuit "nawashif" Zaitouna 250g

Trockenes Biskuit "nawachif"-Sortiment Zaitoune 250g

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(31,78 € /kilo)

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Inhaltsstoffe: Weizenmehl, Butterreinfett, Zucker, Salz, Milchpulver, Hefe, Datteln, Sesam, Pistaziennüsse.

Authentisches Levantiner-Rezept


The ghriba, barazek and maamul form what in the Middle East are known as "nawashif" or dry biscuits unlike oriental pastries such as baklava, kunefe, mabrouma or kol w shkor, etc, which need to be soaked in syrup or honey.

At coffee or tea time, these dry biscuits make all the difference. It's also a delicious gift idea!


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