Pin pinion 200g

9,98 €

(49,85 € /kilo)

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Origin : China

Ingredients: pine nuts

In order to preserve the freshness of the product, which tends to go rancid very quickly, our pine nuts are stored in a cool place. We recommend that you do the same as soon as you receive yours.


The pine nut, sometimes called "pine nut", is a seed lodged between the shells of the apple of certain pines. Highly nutritious, the pine nut is one of the most widely used shelled and oleaginous fruits in the world. It can be found in both savoury recipes, including the famous Italian pesto sauce, and in sweet recipes. In the Middle East, roasted pine nuts (with smen) are widely used to garnish savoury dishes such as frikeh, various types of fatteh and others. Pine nuts are also an integral part of most pastry specialties.


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