• Barazek Today 350g  (biscuits aux sésames et pistaches)

Barazek (fine biscuit with sesame&pistachio) Today 350g

7,45 €

(21,28 € /kilo)

Origin: Jordan

Ingredients: flour, clarified butter, sesame, sugar, pistachio nuts, water


Barazek is a typical Syrian speciality from the city of Damascus. They are succulent fine biscuits with pistachio splinters generously covered with golden sesame seeds.  Together with the famous ghriba (ghraybeh, shortbread) and maamoul (shortbread filled with pistachios, dates or nuts), they constitute what in the Near East are called "nawachef" or dry biscuits unlike other famous oriental pastries such as baklava, kunafah, mabrouma, katayef, etc... which need to be soaked in syrup. 


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