Ghriba Today 330g
  • Ghriba Today 330g
  • Ghriba Today 330g

Ghriba Today 330g

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Origin: Jordan

Ingredients: wheat flour, sugar, butter, pistachio nut


The ghriba (ghraybeh) is an oriental pastry speciality typical of the countries of the Levant, Turkey and the Maghreb. They are delicious little shortbreads prepared with three basic ingredients which are butter (ghee, smen), sugar and flour. Together with the famous maamoul (a biscuit filled with date, pistachio or walnut dough) and barazek, they make up what in the Near East are called "nawashef" or dry biscuits unlike oriental pastries such as baklava, kunefe, mabrouma, etc., which need to be soaked in syrup or honey.


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