Courgette skimmer (stainless) 12cm
  • Courgette skimmer (stainless) 12cm

Courgette skimmer (stainless) 12cm


(€1.70 /pièce)

Material: Stainless steel and wood

For emptying courgettes, aubergines, etc...


Syrian cuisine is considered by many to be one of the finest in the Middle East and the city of Aleppo is one of its perfect ambassadors. Nicknamed "the city of kebbeh and mahashis (stuffed)", Aleppo is famous for its wide range of kebbeh and stuffed foods. The stuffed category includes lamb casings and vegetables such as eggplant, zucchini, squash, cabbage leaf, vine leaf, pepper, potato, tomato and onion. These specialties are also present in Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, they are known as "dolma" and their preparation varies according to the region. The vegetables are emptied using a hollower and then stuffed with a mixture generally consisting of round rice, spices, minced meat and tomato pulp before being cooked in a sauce. To keep them out of season, it is customary in the Middle East to dry vegetables in the sun to rehydrate them at any time of the year and cook them.


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