Aleppo soap with damask rose Najel 100g
  • Aleppo soap with damask rose Najel 100g
  • Aleppo soap with damask rose Najel 100g
  • Aleppo soap with damask rose Najel 100g

Aleppo soap with damask rose Najel 100g


(€33.19 /kilo)


Find all the virtues of Aleppo soap combined with the fresh and floral scent of Damascus rose. Used daily, this Aleppo soap takes care of your skin while purifying it. Suitable for all skin types.


Here is a soap of Aleppo made with olive oil and bay laurel oil, to which is added a delicate scent of rose of Damascus. To use daily for its subtle and bewitching scent.

This soap is the darling of sensitive and delicate skin.

The soap of Aleppo scented with rose of Damascus, is composed of two main oils: olive oil on the one hand and Bay laurel oil on the other hand. The first is known for its moisturizing and skin-softening properties, while the second is known for its antiseptic properties. Its Damascus rose fragrance will leave your skin smelling very fresh and floral.

A little history :

Elaborated more than 3500 years ago in the old city of Aleppo, one of the oldest cities in the world located in north-west Syria, Aleppo soap is the ancestor of all the hard soaps we know today, including Marseille soap. Its ancestral and traditional manufacture in cauldrons has always remained unchanged to this day, making it a soap of pure exception.

Golden brown on the outside, and emerald on the inside, Aleppo soap is the jewel of gems in Syria but also around the world. Its sunny and slightly spicy scent due to the presence of Laurel Bay oil will provide your skin with all the benefits and protection it needs.

Composed of two noble materials, namely olive oil and bay laurel oil, Aleppo soap is free of all animal fats, preservatives and chemical additives. It is an excellent dermo-protective and purifying product.

Olive oil softens and nourishes the skin, while bay laurel oil restores the skin's protective film.

The virtues of the Damask Rose :

The Damascus Rose, whose name refers to the city of Damascus in Syria, is one of the oldest flowers in history. It is highly prized by perfumers for its bewitching, delicate and powerful scent. Imported to the West during the Crusades, it is called the Queen of Flowers and is known for its regenerating, healing and astringent properties.

The delicate scent of this soap of Aleppo will provide the benefits needed by your body and mind. It is the ideal care for mature and delicate skin. Use without moderation for your hands, face and body.


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