Shelled pistachio Alep Market 1kg
  • Shelled pistachio Alep Market 1kg

Shelled pistachio (Antep) 1kg


(€35.98 /kilo)


Ingredients: unsalted peeled pistachio nuts

Some pieces of shell may remain despite the attention paid to the product.

In order to preserve the freshness of the product, which tends to rancid very quickly, our pistachios are stored in a cool place. We recommend that you do the same.


Highly nutritious, the pistachio is one of the most prized shelled and oleaginous fruits in Turkey and the Near East. The pistachio is literally the queen of oriental pastries. If the city of Aleppo is famous for the production of the famous Aleppo soap, it is also the mother of one of the best pistachio varieties in the world, known as the Aleppo pistachio.

In pastry making, needless to say that the pistachio (roasted or not) is the essential ingredient; baklava, mabroumeh, ballorieh, maamoul through the barazek and many others. The pistachio (roasted or roasted) is also used in the preparation of savoury dishes, in fillings, especially that of kebbeh, and in various dishes such as frikeh, makloubeh, fatteh and many others.

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