List of products by brand Zaitoune

In all its variants, baklava is the delicacy par excellence in the countries of the Middle East, Turkey, the Balkans and the Maghreb, a dessert that rhymes with festivity and conviviality.

When visual pleasure and gustatory pleasure come into sharp competition, it is without doubt a magnificent assortment of Levantine baklava from the Zaitoune brand.

Zaitoune's finesse lies in the careful selection of the best ingredients. High quality pistachios, selected with the greatest care, and clarified butter for tasty confections with an inimitable taste. It also means unique roasting and grinding processes for an exceptional taste.

Zaitoune quality is above all the know-how that has been passed down through the generations by pastry chefs who work with care and love to create delicacies with an incomparable taste.