Libanese bread x5 300g
  • Libanese bread x5 300g

Libanese bread x5 300g


(€2.95 /kilo)

Origin: France

Ingredients: flour, water, salt, sugar, yeast

Bag of 5 patties

Please note that delivery takes between 1 and 3 working days in France (up to 5 days for foreign countries). We cannot therefore guarantee that the bread will remain fresh until delivery, especially with the high temperatures of summer.



Pita bread, often called Lebanese bread, Syrian bread or Arab bread, is the traditional bread of the Near East. It comes in the form of a double, round and flat wafer, more or less thick depending on the region. It is a basic element on every table, whether in the morning or in the evening to enjoy the zaatar as a dip, or for brunch to savor the wide range of mezze (hummus, baba ghanouj, etc..), or for lunch, as an accompaniment to the hot dish or even to make sandwiches such as charwarma (kebab levantin), falafel and others.


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