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Baba ghanooj - eggplant cavier Durra 850g


(€7.40 /kilo)

Ingredients : grilled eggplants, sesame cream (tahina), salt, acidifier E330


Baba ghanouj is, like hummus, falafel or yalanji, a great classic in the "entrée" (mezze) category of Middle Eastern cuisine. In a way, it is eggplant caviar, the Syrian-Lebanese version. This dip is basically an eggplant purée to which tahineh (sesame cream), lemon juice, garlic and plain yoghurt (optional) are added. The aubergine is sometimes grilled (smoked flavour) and sometimes roasted in the oven, which gives it a more or less spicy flavour. Baba ghanouj is served as a starter or aperitif, with cumin, paprika, parsley and a generous drizzle of olive oil, accompanied by Lebanese bread (pita). And for more flavor and color, we add juicy pomegranate seeds...


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