Ghee - clarified butter Gold Medal 800g


Origin : Netherlands

Ingredients: milk fat 99.8% min, moisture 0.2% max aroma

Clarified butter made from cow's milk (Al Bakara Al Haloub).

Can be kept for several months at room temperature (below 21°), if kept in an airtight container.


Clarified butter (samnah, smen or ghee) is a butter from which all impurities (casein and whey) have been removed to retain only lipids (healthy forms of fat). It can withstand temperatures better than normal butter or olive oil and is ideal for cooking and frying and develops the crunchiest effect. It also gives an unmistakable aroma, especially on rice. Ghee (samneh) is widely used in the East in the preparation of sweet and savoury dishes (oriental pastries such as knafeh, maamoul, baklawa, etc).


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