Oriental coffee maker - large 10'


In stainless steel

For 6-7 cups

In stainless steel

For 6-7 cups

Oriental coffee preparation

-dose a coffee cup of water at room temperature

-pour water into a rakweh (oriental coffee maker, cezve)

-add a teaspoonful of ground coffee (and possibly sugar) to the water.

-mix continuously over low heat until the mixture simmers.

-pour immediately into the serving cup.



Oriental coffee (Syrian/Lebanese/Turkish) is prepared "the old-fashioned way", in what is called a rakweh (cezwe in Turkish); a typical copper or stainless steel container, with a bottom wider than the neck and a long handle. Unlike most methods based on the principle of infusion, oriental coffee is prepared by decoction.

In a rakweh, the very fine coffee grind (and possibly sugar) is poured into cold water and stirred continuously over low heat until the mixture simmers.  It should not boil and should be removed as soon as it foams. A few drops of cold water can be poured in to settle the pomace. Finally, the coffee is poured into pretty cups and served immediately. The coffee thus prepared is enjoyed hot, sucking the drink so as not to swallow the ground.


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