Long rice Altunsa 900g
  • Long rice Altunsa 900g
  • Long rice Altunsa 900g

Long rice Altunsa 900g


(€1.98 /kilo)

Origin: Turkey

Ingredients: long grain rice


Rice is fundamental to the nutrition of many of the world's populations. While this cereal is best known as the staple food in Asian cuisines, it is also a staple in the Middle East.

In Syria, Lebanon, Iraq or Jordan, rice is the perfect accompaniment to most sauce dishes, stews and meats. It is used in the composition of many main dishes, from the most sober (mjadara) to the most elaborate (makloubé, kabsé,...). Rice is also a basic ingredient of the "stuffed" category; aubergines, courgettes, vine leaves, stuffed cabbage leaves...

Long grain rice has the particularity of having the shape preserved during cooking and hardly agglutinates, which is why it is used more as an accompaniment to main dishes. Basmati rice, a variety with such a pleasant aroma, is the most popular long grain rice in Levantine cuisine. For even more flavour and colour, golden vermicelli is added to the rice during cooking. Generally speaking, the rice is flavoured with clarified butter (samneh), while medium-grain or even round-grain rice is the stuffing used in the "ma7ashi" mentioned above. This rice, which is slightly more sticky than the previous one, is ideal for combining with the other ingredients of the stuffing, i.e. minced meat, spices and vegetables. Round rice is commonly the variety used in the preparation of desserts and especially the famous rice pudding.


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