Frikeh Algota 800g
  • Frikeh Algota 800g
  • Frikeh Algota 800g
  • Frikeh Algota 800g

Frikeh Algota 800g


(€8.12 /kilo)

Ingredients: flame roasted green wheat


Frikeh is green wheat from the Levant, made from very old varieties from which the grains were extracted a month before maturity and then dried in the sun or roasted. This cereal with a slightly smoky taste is prepared whole in broth like rice or bulgur or can be used crushed in soups, especially in the Maghreb countries.

Levantine gastronomy

The frikeh gives its name to the seed as well as to the culinary dish. Traditionally, in the Middle East, the frikeh is prepared for special occasions, accompanied by rice and chicken or lamb meat, without forgetting the famous almonds, pine nuts and pistachios grilled to crown the plate... And for even more "culinary prestige", the frikeh is often married to the famous "royal" dish that is the molokhiya. 

Source of benefits

Frikeh is very rich in fibre, minerals and antioxidants. With a low glycemic index, it contains three times as much protein as whole grain rice, which is good healthy news!


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