Halva nature Durra 200g


(€13.93 /kilo)

Ingredients : sesame cream, sugar, modified rapeseed and palm oil, halva extract, citric acid, vanillin, artificial flavour, geranium oil


Halva, a term coming from Arabic that expresses sweet sweetness, is a pastry composition based on sesame cream (tahini). In the Maghreb countries, this sweetness is known under the name of "chamia" probably because of its origin in the Levant (Cham).  With a dry, dense and crumbly texture and a mild sweet taste, this speciality is very popular in Turkey, the Near East and North Africa. The halva is plain or with almonds, sesame, hazelnuts or most often pistachios. It is served as a dessert to accompany tea or coffee or for brunch with buttered toast.


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