Kit bombilla + calabash + yerba maté Taragui 500g


    Kit composed of a classic 500g pack of yerba maté, a stainless steel bombilla (filter straw) and a glass calabash (maté pot) with a capacity of 200ml

    To enjoy yerba maté, you need three essentials: maté, a calabash, a bombilla

    1- Prepare the hot water, not boiling, ideally between 70° and 80°.

    2- Pour the mate into the calabash up to ¾ and shake it while closing the container with your hand

    3- Place the bombilla in the empty hollow of the inclined calabash

    4- Add the hot water to the hollow where the bombilla is located.

    5- Let infuse for a few seconds and enjoy

    6- Once the beverage is finished, it can be re-infused several times



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