Special Blend tea Ahmad 500g
  • Special Blend tea Ahmad 500g

Special Blend tea Ahmad 500g


(€15.95 /kilo)

Origin: Sri Lanka 

Ingredients : flavoured black tea

Sri Lanka, once called Ceylon under English rule, is one of the main black tea producing countries.


Tea (in all its forms) is the second most consumed beverage in the world, after water. Like coffee, it is synonymous with sharing and conviviality for many people, but drinking a cup of this beverage also provides a sense of well-being and relaxation. The best known varieties of tea are those from China, India and Sri Lanka.

In the Middle East as well as in the West, people mainly drink black tea, also known as Anglo-Indian or red tea, in reference to the coppery colour of the infusion. This tea is made from tea leaves that have undergone complete oxidation. This oxidation allows a better conservation, several years against maximum one year and a half for green tea. This explains why black tea was the most popular tea among traders. Black tea has a higher theine content than other teas. Green tea, in this case unoxidised, is becoming increasingly popular in Europe and the Middle East because of its many proven health benefits.

Generally, the taste quality of tea depends on several factors. Apart from the quality of the tea itself, it is necessary to respect the dosage, the infusion time and the quality of the water in order to fully appreciate it. These are specific to each category of tea, knowing that the infusion time varies between 10 seconds and 8 minutes and the water temperature between 60° C and 95° C.


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