Green zaatar (thyme) Durra 400g
  • Green zaatar (thyme) Durra 400g
  • Zaatar vert Durra 400g

Green zaatar (thyme) Durra 400g


(€7.45 /kilo)

Ingredients : thyme leaves, wheat, sesame, salt, sumac, fennel, anise, coriander, sunflower oil


The zaatar (الزعتر) is the Arabic word for thyme. It is also the generic name given to thyme combined with other spices such as sumac, savory, oregano, sesame and others. With a tangy and slightly salty taste, this aromatic mixture based on thyme or zaatar is widely used in Levantine cuisine, mainly in two forms:

It is eaten as a dip with Lebanese bread (Syrian bread or pita) soaked in olive oil "zeit w zaatar", for morning or evening brunch and accompanied by raw vegetables (tomatoes, cucumber ...).

It is used to garnish mana'ichs; a kind of delicious little "levantine pizza" covered with zaatar and olive oil. 


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