• Assortment of dry biscuit "nawashif" Zaitouna 500g

Dry biscuit "nawachif" assortment Zaitoune 500g


(€33.95 /kilo)


Discover the finesse of the Zaitoune brand with these delicious melting patties with roasted sesame seeds, sprinkled with crunchy pistachio chips.

Ingredients: Flour, clarified butter, sesame, sugar, pistachio, yeast, water

Authentic levantine recipe


The ghriba, barazek and maamul form what in the Middle East are known as "nawashif" or dry biscuits unlike oriental pastries such as baklava, kunefe, mabrouma or kol w shkor, etc, which need to be soaked in syrup or honey.

At coffee or tea time, these dry biscuits make all the difference. It's also a delicious gift idea!


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