• Falafel Durra 200g
  • Falafel Durra 200g

Preparation for falafel Durra 175g

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(11,27 € /kilo)

Origin: Jordan

Ingredients: beans 43%, chickpeas 43%, salt 3%, onion 4%, sodium bicarbonate 1%, coriander 5%, cumin 1%, turmeric, garlic


Native to the Near East, falafel is a culinary speciality based on chickpea dumplings or crushed beans, mixed with spices and fried in oil. Very appetizing, falafel is now found all over the world.

Preparation :

1- In a bowl, mix the powder from one packet of falafel with 1 glass of water (20 cl). Mix and leave the mixture covered for half an hour.

2- Form the falafel balls using a falafel mould or with dampened hands.

3- In a deep frying pan, pour half a glass of vegetable oil. Heat the oil for 3 minutes.

4- Fry the falafel balls over a reduced heat for 4 minutes on each side, turning them over, or until golden brown. Drain off the excess oil.


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