Grains and Pulses


  • Rice

    Rice is fundamental to the nutrition of many of the world's populations. While this cereal is best known as the staple food in Asian cuisines, it is also a staple in the Middle East.

    In Syria, Lebanon, Iraq or Jordan, rice is the perfect accompaniment to most sauce dishes, stews and meats. It is used in the composition of many main dishes, from the most sober (mjadara) to the most elaborate (makloubé, kabsé,...). Rice is also a basic ingredient of the "stuffed" category; aubergines, courgettes, vine leaves, stuffed cabbage leaves...

  • Bulgur

    This multi-purpose cereal is very popular in Turkey and the Middle East. In its simplest form, bulgur (large or medium) is used as an accompaniment to a main dish, just like rice, frikeh or other dishes. It is also used in the composition of the mjadara. Fine bulgur is used to prepare tabbouleh. It is also used in the realization of the famous kebbeh (Syria-Lebanon) or the Icli kofte (Turkey).

  • Leguminous bean
  • Wheat

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