Hot & cold drinks

Alepmarket online grocery store offers a wide range of hot and cold drinks of all kinds and for all tastes: tea, coffee, yerba maté, syrup, juices, infusions etc...


  • Tea

    Tea (in all its forms) is the second most consumed beverage in the world, after water. Like coffee, it is synonymous with sharing and conviviality for many people, but drinking a cup of this beverage also provides a sense of well-being and relaxation.

  • Coffee

    Better known as Turkish coffee (türk kahvesi) because of the spread of the method of preparation through the Ottoman Empire, coffee is in the Middle East synonymous with conviviality and socialization. Because it is an integral part of the way of life, a kind of pride, coffee is served on all kinds of occasions, from pre-marital proposal meetings to funeral rituals to everyday friendly encounters. It is customary to ask guests how they prefer coffee - pure or sugar-free (sada), medium or low sugar (wasat) or sweet (helwé) - and if necessary make several coffeemakers, sweetened differently.

  • Yerba Mate

    Mate is a stimulating hot drink with multiple benefits. Originally from South America, the consumption of this tea is very widespread in the Arab world, especially in Syria and Lebanon probably thanks to Syrian and Lebanese nationals from Latin America. 

    On the health side, mate is known for its benefits on digestive functions, it is very effective against headaches. It is also recognized for its diuretic and purifying qualities for the body. Mate offers a feeling of satiety especially when eaten on an empty stomach and helps to burn unwanted fat, hence its slimming function.

    Preparation: In a calabash (maté pot or gourd), put a good quantity of maté leaves, then add non-boiling hot water (70°) - add sugar according to taste - A special straw (bombilla) is used to drink the maté.

  • Infusion

    Herbal teas are the soothing hot drinks by excellence.

  • Juice - Syrup

    The refreshing drinks par excellence, for all tastes. A wide range of refreshing concentrated juices, typical of the Middle East: tamarind, rose, blackberry, liquorice, jellab, etc... without forgetting the great classics: strawberry, orange, mango, etc...

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