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  • Huile d'olive grecque crete ORINO 1 litres

Virgin olive oil Orino 500ml

4,75 €

(9,50 € /litre)

4,95 €

Origin : Greece

Ingredients : extra virgin olive oil, first cold pressing, acidity level below 0.3%


This superior quality olive oil, emblematic of the Cretan terroir, is obtained by first cold pressing, using mechanical processes. It is produced in the beautiful sunny hills of the Greek province of Sitia. It is characterized by a very low acidity, an intense fruity taste, notes of herbs and a long finish, which have won 29 international awards, making Orino olive oil one of the 50 best olive oils in the world. 

Known for its multiple benefits, olive oil is omnipresent in the dishes and starters of Mediterranean cuisine. In the Middle East, it is indispensable in cooking as well as for hummus, mtabal (eggplant caviar, baba ghanouj) foul medammas (cooked beans) and many other specialties...


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