Mixed baklava royal Zaitoune 750g
  • Mixed baklava royal Zaitoune 750g
  • Mixed baklava royal Zaitouna 750g
  • Mixed baklava royal Zaitouna 750g

Mixed baklava royal Zaitoune 750g


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Discover all the finesse of the Zaitoune brand with this sublime assortment of pure clarified butter baklava, generously garnished with pistachios

Ingredients : Flour, clarified butter, sugar, starch, salt, milk powder, pistachios

Authentic Levantine recipe

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In all its variations, baklava (baklawa in Arabic) is the delicacy par excellence in the Middle East, Turkey, the Balkans and the Maghreb, a dessert that rhymes with festivity and conviviality.

Phyllo pastry (or angel hair), butter (clarified or not) and sugar syrup (or honey) are THE basic ingredients of baklawa. Each country has its own way of shaping and garnishing them. While in the Maghreb, hazelnuts and almonds are in the spotlight, the pistachio is Queen in Syria and Lebanon.

When visual and gustatory pleasure enter in lively competition, it is undoubtedly that we are facing a magnificent assortment of Syrian baklavas.

A non-exhaustive list of Syrian baklavas :

- Esh elbelbol - literally "the nest of the little nightingale" - a poetic name that says a lot ... little nests of golden angel hair and garnished with pistachios or whole cashew nuts then soaked in a syrup scented like all baklawas.

- Mabroumeh - literally "rolled up" - a delicacy that is unanimously appreciated by baklawas lovers; and how can you resist this generous bite of pistachios rolled up with a meticulous amount of golden angel hair?

- Balloria - literally "vitrified" - a real gourmet sin, a generous layer of fragrant pistachios caught between two thin layers of compact angel hair, enough to delight lovers of Levantine pastry...

- Lissan el asfour - literally "the bird's tongue", such a fine and succulent mignardise, or two layers of puff pastry containing a rich filling of pistachios or cashew nuts.

- Kol w shkor - literally "eats and thanks", and how? when you savour mini puff pastry turnovers with a pistachio filling so melt-in-the-mouth.

- Assabeh /roll - plain or filled, small rolls of phyllo dough flavoured with orange blossom or rose water, a pure delight for the taste buds...


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