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Traditionelle Mandala-Kalebasse - mit Ständer

18,66 €
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Abmessungen von Cuia:

Höhe: ca. 11cm

Gesamthöhe mit Ständer: 13 cm

Breite: ca. 10cm

Öffnung: ca. 8cm

Die Maße können leicht variieren, da es sich um ein Naturprodukt handelt.



To make the most of your mate, it is essential to maintain your calabash properly. This will ensure a long life and a lower risk of mould.

1. Clean the mate pot before first use

- fill 2/3 of the yerba maté container

- add non-boiling hot water (at the risk of cracking)

- wait a few minutes, when the water level has dropped, add more

- allow the mixture to infuse for at least 48 hours so that the walls are impregnated, the structure will be strengthened and the taste of the next infusions will be better

- empty and scrape the bark from the walls with a spoon, rinsing occasionally

- your calabash is ready, you can now prepare your first mate!

2. Discard the mate after tasting

Yerba maté swells with water and exerts pressure on the walls that can cause cracks. It is important to get rid of the grass quickly and clean the container.

3. Clean and dry

Rinse the calabash with hot water, making sure that nothing remains at the bottom. Dry vigorously by positioning the calabash at an angle to allow optimal (very important) ventilation and to avoid any risk of mould.


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